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TravelBoard GmbH has two key areas of expertise: In its role as “Lead Buyer Travel Management,” it is responsible for the strategic procurement of global travel services – flights, hotel accommodation and car rentals – for Bayer and for handling booking requests for the Bayer Group. Secondly, TravelBoard serves as a business travel agency for Bayer employees in Germany and makes their business travel arrangements. Further TravelBoard services include organizing events, conferences and group travel and purchasing event services in Germany. TravelBoard also operates a private travel service, booking vacation trips with all the leading operators.

Names, Figures, Facts

  • Worldwide travel management in the Bayer Group for almost 60,000 travelers, with a volume of approximately EUR 300 million.

  • Handles all business travel for more than 30 Bayer companies in Germany

  • Responsible for strategic procurement of travel services for the Bayer Group in cooperation with around 80 countries

  • Prepares online booking requests for flights, hotel accommodation and car rentals

  • Books 1,800 vacation trips with leading operators every year

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