Bayer Direct Services

The experts for transactional HR services

Bayer Direct Services is based in Leverkusen and is a subsidiary of Bayer Business Services. As a Shared Service Center, the company provides HR services for the Bayer Group and supports Bayer employees worldwide in relation to personnel issues. Such issues include transactional activities and group-wide advisory and expert services.

Names, Figures, Facts

  • Support services for more than 120,000 Bayer employees worldwide in more than 200 companies in 80 countries

  • Group-wide personnel data management maintained on a global platform

  • Care of more than 1,200 expatriates and initiation of around 600 new movements per year worldwide

  • Care of over 50.000 applicants and processing of more than 2,000 hires per year only in Germany

  • Care of approximately 140,000 members and pensioners in Germany in total with regard to their company pension scheme

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