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Financial services for the Bayer Group

Bayer Business Services ensures efficient invoicing and accounting processes for finance and accounting throughout the Bayer Group. Service Centers at international sites use standardized processes and best practices to deliver the full range of financial and accounting services for all Bayer companies worldwide. The most important tasks for the Accounting Centers include transaction-based accounting (accounts payable and receivable, travel expense accounting, internal group cost accounting), general accounting (general ledger, financial statements, reporting, asset accounting) and internal cost accounting.

Names, Figures, Facts

  • Support services for more than 140 Bayer companies worldwide

  • Each year, up to 1.3 million incoming payments are recorded throughout the group

  • Over 5 million invoices are processed worldwide every year, the total volume of posted invoices amounts to more than EUR 24 billion per annum

  • No fewer than 97.9% of all payments received are posted against open customer items within 24 hours

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