Business Model

Adding value for the Group

As the Bayer Group’s global competence center for IT and business services, Bayer Business Services jointly assumes entrepreneurial responsibility and bears the operational risk for the business processes that Bayer companies entrust to it. Working with Bayer Business Services as an internal service provider offers the Group a variety of benefits:

  • Less administration and thus increased capacity to innovate and focus on the respective core business
  • Greater efficiency through faster, simpler and more reliable processes 
  • Improved flexibility through scalable services 
  • Synergies through maximum standardization 
  • Highly automated, globally standardized processes


 The business model is designed both to offer maximum added value for the Bayer Group and to create a clear competitive edge for Bayer companies as a result of having services provided centrally by Bayer Business Services rather than outsourcing them. Bayer Business Services is equally competitive as a company and at the level of each specific service. Regular benchmarking ensures that services are always in the top quarter of the relevant market, i.e. in the top 25 percent in terms of price/performance ratio compared to the competition.



This competitive price/performance ratio is achieved through Bayer Business Services’ worldwide expertise and global presence, and also through its ability to outsource certain services if necessary. In many countries, external companies provide specific services on behalf of Bayer Business Services. Make-or-buy decisions enable Bayer Business Services to optimize its mix of in-house production and outsourcing as regards quality, cost and security so that it can always offer Bayer companies competitive services.


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