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Global services for Bayer’s business processes

Bayer Business Services supports Bayer’s administrative, commercial and scientific business processes. This relieves Bayer Group companies of workflows unrelated to their core businesses so that they can fully focus on their own products and customers.

In today’s constantly changing market environment, Bayer Business Services provides high-quality services and innovative solutions for the Group’s business processes. The service offering ranges from developing and operating systems solutions through business process outsourcing and taking charge of complete business processes to management consulting.

As a strategic partner, Bayer Business Services supports Bayer and Group companies worldwide along the entire value chain. No other provider has such an extensive knowledge of processes and conditions at Bayer in the area of IT and business services. The cost efficiency of the services is continuously reviewed. They fit seamlessly into processes in the Bayer Group, making them simpler, faster and more efficient. In this way, Bayer Business Services creates competitive advantages and makes a lasting contribution to the Bayer Group’s value-added.

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