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Innovative process solutions

Procurement at Bayer is an integrated function that represents a procurement volume of some 50 percent of sales and is thus of key strategic importance in the company’s success. The main responsibility of the Group-wide procurement organization is to make sure business partners throughout the Group are supplied punctually with high-quality goods and services at appropriate market prices and in line with ethical, ecological and social principles.

Our employees within Procurement and Trade Services at Bayer Business Services optimize the value-added chain for procurement at Bayer with innovative process solutions and use their comprehensive expertise to support the relevant interfaces within the Group with matters concerning customs and trade operations. These include efficient procurement processes, legally compliant customs processing, and strategic procurement of IT and travel services in collaboration with Bayer companies in some 80 countries. From providing advice on foreign trade and transportation to taking on responsibility for entire processes, our experienced specialists use their expertise in processes and systems to deliver precisely the solutions the Group requires.

Furthermore, our employees are responsible for supplying scientific information, maintaining the corporate archives and managing Bayer’s IT portfolio.

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