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Digital processes and efficient solutions play an important role in many business operations at Bayer – all the way from research to sales. Our international outlook, coupled with the way that Bayer is structured as a company, calls for a high-performance, well-integrated and globally standardized IT architecture, as well as specialized IT solutions for individual requirements within the Group.

As an in-house service provider, it is our job to help meet these requirements. This involves taking on a range of different projects all over the world on a daily basis, all of which bring new challenges. At over 270 Bayer sites worldwide, our experts from Bayer Business Services play a major role in ensuring smooth operations for the global Bayer network. We develop and maintain cutting-edge IT solutions, administrate global business processes, and manage complex facilities. When it comes to research, our IT solutions enable quick, reliable analysis of comprehensive, data-intensive studies and computer-aided simulations. For marketing and sales, our IT solutions help link up important interfaces and ensure that information of all kinds can be transferred quickly and securely.

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